Coach School

Become the Credentialed Coach You Were Meant to BE.

Credentialed Coach School is your fast track to becoming a masterful coach doing what you love while making a real impact and banking serious income (even if you're just starting!)

The one who clients RAVE about their life-changing results, who effortlessly transforms lives, and builds a fulfilling, profitable business?

Imagine the freaking FULFILLMENT of guiding them to breakthroughs, their testimonials overflowing with gratitude.

Picture yourself building a thriving coaching business that fuels your soul and your bank account, giving you the freedom and flexibility you crave (whether that’s traveling the world or spending more time at home with your kiddos). 

Do you dream of being a sought-after coach in your industry (in just 6 months from now)?

Right now, this dream feels out of reach.

But what if it doesn't have to be?

What if you could turn your passion for coaching into a reality?

You absolutely can.

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HINT: Identifying your archetype (and its biggest mistake) is the key to becoming the impactful, in-demand coach you are meant to be.

The secret to becoming a sought-after coach is hidden within these 4 Coach Archetypes.

Which one of these 4 Coach Archetypes (or maybe it’s a blend) best reflects you?!

The Called Coach

Cuz baby, you were born to do this!

Deep down, you know it. Coaching isn't just a career choice, it's a calling. People practically throw themselves at your feet for advice (seriously, boundaries are a thing, but that's another story). You have this insane ability to see someone's blind spots and unlock their potential like a freaking life-hacking ninja.

Everyone from your bestie to the barista at your local coffee shop spills their deepest secrets to you. You dish out life-changing wisdom like it's candy, and they devour it with hungry gratitude. The thing is, you never considered turning this gift into a soul-fulfilling, bank-account-boosting career. (Spoiler alert: you absolutely can!)


Find a program that empowers you to take that first step. You need practical learning, real-world implementation, and a supportive community to support you along the way. Hiii. We’re here for that. Read on to to see exactly how you can FINALLY get started as a Credentialed Coach.


You have zero clue how to transform this passion project into a dream coaching business.


Research rabbit holes.

You've been researching coaching programs for, like, a hot minute (okay, maybe more like a hot year) and it feels like there are a million options. The pressure to make the perfect decision is CRUSHING—especially because this is a big investment.


Spending another week, month, or even year researching isn't going to magically launch your coaching career. It's just keeping you stuck in neutral, while your dream life zooms by.

Stop getting lost in countless hours of research you can never get back (but seriously—think about if you had spent all that time researching on actually mastering your craft already?). 

The Cushy Corporate Babe

Trade latte breaks for a soul-filling legacy.

Let's face it, you've got it all...on paper. The corner office, the fancy title, the seemingly endless supply of fancy lattes. But here's the not-so-glamorous truth: deep down, you feel a soul-sucking emptiness. This corporate climb just doesn't light your fire.

There's a nagging whisper that tells you there's more to life than spreadsheets and conference calls. There's a bigger purpose out there, a calling that's pulling you towards something more fulfilling.


You don't need to save up a fortune to start. There are proven programs out there—cough, Credentialed Coach School cough—with a roadmap to not only replace your corporate salary, but crush it with a coaching business that fuels your soul and your bank account.


The idea of leaving this cushy world terrifies you. What if you fail? What will your family, friends, and (gulp) coworkers think?


You keep telling yourself, "Once I save up enough... then I'll chase my coaching dreams."

But guess what? That "enough" number keeps mysteriously growing, and your dreams get further and further away.


Playing it safe and waiting to "save up enough" is a recipe for staying exactly where you are. And playing small to avoid judgment is a recipe for a life of "what ifs." Stop letting the "shoulds" dictate your life! You were born to coach; that nagging feeling is your soul screaming to break free.

The Nicheless Newbie

You’re ready to be a coach but the path forward is fuzzy AF.

You’ve decided you’re gonna be a coach! The fire is lit, the passion is real, and you're ready to make a positive impact on the world.

But here's the thing: you're stuck in the land of overthinking and the swirl of confusion that comes with all the potential paths you could take—Who is my ideal client? What kind of coach do I even want to be? Should I start with 1:1 or group coaching?!


You need a program that delivers the whole damn cake, not just a few crumbs. Credentialed Coach School is your ALL-IN-ONE solution to becoming a coaching powerhouse. We'll help you uncover your niche, craft irresistible offers, and attract dream clients. Stop planning, start doing. The real magic happens here.


Analysis paralysis is your nemesis.

You think clarity will magically appear once you have everything planned perfectly.


You keep downloading every freebie and investing in low-ticket offers that promise clarity…but only give you one tiny crumb and no clear roadmap.

You're left exhausted, trying to fit everything together on your own.


Clarity comes from ACTION! You learn by doing, not by obsessing over every detail.

The Girl Boss Coach

So you're a coach, but where are the clients?

You built your business, nailed your niche, and your marketing materials look like a million bucks. But seriously, where are the clients...or at least your DREAM clients?

Everyone raves about the booming coaching industry, but your phone isn't exactly blowing up with sales notifications. Why are you invisible?


Stop going after more followers and start building rock-solid coaching skills. Credentialed Coach School isn't just another marketing course. We help you become a highly credible, transformational, and IN-DEMAND coach. Build unwavering confidence in your ability to change lives, and watch your ideal clients come knocking (because they'll know you're the real deal!).


You're chasing shiny objects—that perfect website, a million followers, the "magic formula" for social media. Thinking that THAT's the thing that will fix it all.


Spending most (if not all) of your time, money, and energy on marketing and business strategies.

You've invested a fortune in courses promising "10 Steps to 10k Followers" and "Funnel Hacking: Income While You Sleep!" You spend way more time hustling your business than actually coaching...and it's showing in your results (or lack-thereof).


It’s NOT your marketing, it’s your MASTERY. Shiny marketing can only get you so far. True success comes from embodied mastery. Clients crave confidence, transformation, and RESULTS. When you have the skills and competence to truly transform lives, you'll magnetize your ideal clients.

Think about what will change for you when you’re finally able to…

starting with yours!

Harness your passion for helping others into a thriving coaching practice. Our Credentialed Coach School empowers you to create profound change in your life and business, guiding you to a wildly fulfilling career where you fucking love what you do—and you know you’re damn good at it.


like magic

It's not just about having the skills and scripts to coach (although we’ll give those to you); it's about being highly sought-after for the soul-stirring transformations you facilitate. You’ll learn to magnetically draw clients who are not just ready but PUMPED to grow with you. Credentialed Coach School makes you irresistible, ensuring clients see the value and are a full-body hell yes to investing in their journey with you.



Facilitate deep, lasting transformation with your clients with cutting-edge tools like NLP, EFT, TIME Techniques, and Hypnosis, learning not only how they work but how to apply them effectively to catalyze real change. Imagine possessing a toolbox so versatile and powerful that no client challenge is too daunting, positioning you as a leader in the field of transformational coaching.

advanced coaching techniques


 It's go-time for your coaching empire. From nailing your niche, to knowing your ideal client inside and out, to crafting services that sell themselves, to mastering marketing that feels like you—Credentialed Coach School is your launchpad. Picture a success blueprint, complete with mentorship to guide you every step of the way to a business that's as profitable as it is rewarding.

dream coaching business

launch your

All of this is yours inside of Credentialed Coach School!

In 3 Comprehensive Phases

In an industry filled with self-proclaimed experts and unverified methods, standing out as a coach requires (way) more than a piece-mailed Udemy, Google, and TikTok “skillset”—sure, that’s cute and all, but true mastery and credibility is HOT.

Credentialed Coach School is recognized internationally and board-certified through prestigious bodies such as the ICF Continuing Education, the International Board of Coaches and Practitioners, and the Neuro Energetics International Association of Coaches and Practitioners. So you know it’s the real deal.

Whether you’re just starting your coaching journey (welcome!) or seeking to deepen your mastery (#realbossmoves), Credentialed Coach School provides the path for you to become an undeniable authority in the coaching world and to create a profound impact and income.

You’ll explore deep ethical foundations to make you a highly trusted coach, master mind-blowing techniques that'll have your clients transforming before your very eyes, and launch the coaching business that dreams (and $10k months) are made of.

Here’s Your 3-Step

In Part 1 of Credentialed Coach School, "Coaching Foundations," we dive into the heart of ethical coaching—WAIT, don’t scroll past this part, k? Ethics are sexy. This isn't just about understanding some boring rules; ethics are the foundation of being a credible coach and allow you to be an out-of-this-world space holder that your clients wholeheartedly trust.


The Heart of Coaching


With these ethical pillars firmly in place, you emerge as a coach of integrity and trust.
And when your clients feel safe enough to bare their souls? Oh baby, that’s when the magic happens!

Establish a rock-solid foundation in coaching ethics and integrity.


Explore the intricacies of the coach-client relationship, learning to navigate coaching scenarios with confidence and care.


  • Dive into the core principles of ethical coaching, including confidentiality, boundaries, and power dynamics.
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the ICF Core Competencies and how to apply them effectively.
  • Learn the foundational skills of coaching that set the stage for trust and transformative work.


Your Coaching Identity


By gaining this crystal-clear clarity, you not only stand out like a shining star in a crowded market, but you effortlessly attract clients who resonate with your unique approach. Get ready to be that coach who is known for their authenticity and credibility.

Gain clarity on your unique coaching identity and mission.


You know you’re not playing up to your full potential and you’re ready to change that, stat. First, you’ve gotta connect with the heart and soul of you, boo. Who are you? What’s your big why and the driving force behind answering the call to be a coach? You’re going to uncover exactly who you are and how you show up in your dream life—because honey, it’s time to stop dreaming about it and start living it.


  • Unleash the power of the Identity Method to pinpoint your one-of-a-kind “Zone of Sparkle,” where your personal and professional strengths intersect and set you apart from the crowd.
  • Dive deep into your motivations, strengths, philosophy, and distinctive coaching approach.
  • Let your wildest dreams be your True North as you design your ideal coaching business, envisioning your perfect day and the profound impact you'll have on your clients.




Embrace and live out your unique identity as a Credentialed Coach.


This phase is about embodying the qualities of a Credentialed Coach—on your terms. It's about integrating your newfound clarity of the highest version of you and embodying that version to be in total integrity. Because let’s be real, you can preach all you want, but if you’re not practicing, living, and breathing what you say you stand for, no one is going to trust you and be knocking down your door to work with you.


  • Step into the role of a transformational leader in your coaching field, confidently and boldly leading by example and inspiring change.
  • Implement practices and rituals that align with your envisioned identity, bringing your "someday" dreams into today’s reality.
  • Engage in practices and rituals that solidify your confidence and presence as a Credentialed Coach.

Embodying the version of you that you desire and are destined to be is magnetic AF. People can feel the authenticity radiating off of you and want to be in that energy. And most importantly, you can feel the difference. You know you’re the baddest bitch and legit as they come. Oh, and that imposter syndrome you once had? It’s just gone now. #byeeee

By the end of Part 1, you will become certified as a Life + Success Coach.

But that’s not all—you won't just have a foundational skill set; you'll be transformed into an ethically sound (and sexy), vision-driven, and authentically embodied leader who raises the standard for what coaching at its core should represent. NBD.

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In Part 2 of Credentialed Coach School, you move beyond the basics into the realm of profound client transformation. This phase isn’t about dabbling as a hobbyist; it’s about embracing coaching as a profound career and calling.


The Advanced Coaching Toolkit


With these advanced tools, you can feel confident knowing you have a range of techniques to utilize for any client situation. Your sessions become powerful experiences that enable clients to break free from past constraints and move toward their desired future.

Master advanced tools for profound, lasting client transformation.


Get ready to level up your coaching skills with cutting-edge methodologies such as NLP, EFT, TIME Techniques, and Hypnosis. These tools go beyond traditional coaching methods, allowing for deeper and lasting transformation.


  • Facilitate profound shifts in your clients' subconscious, helping them rewire limiting beliefs and patterns.
  • Gain expertise in advanced methodologies that enable lasting change, from emotional release to behavior modification.
  • Understand the intricacies of each technique and how they can be tailored to individual client needs.


Hands-On Transformation.


This experiential learning not only solidifies your confidence and competence but also empowers you to handle diverse client needs with skill and sensitivity. You will emerge as a coach who is ready to lead transformative sessions, equipped with both the knowledge and practical experience to make a profound impact in your clients' lives.

Gain practical application of advanced techniques in real-world scenarios.


This phase is about bridging the gap between theory and practice, baby! You'll engage in real-life coaching situations, applying your newfound skills in a supportive, feedback-rich environment so you can refine your craft.


  • Practice advanced techniques in live coaching sessions and role-plays. Hint: This is where you iron out any awkwardness and kinks, all in a safe and supportive environment, leaving you primed and ready to confidently rock your clients' worlds when it's time!
  • Receive constructive feedback to refine your approach and technique.
  • Observe and learn from experienced coaches who are the best at their craft. You'll discover the secret sauce to effective coaching strategies and alternative approaches.


Mastering the Craft


Develop a deep, nuanced understanding and mastery of advanced coaching techniques.


This phase is about deepening your mastery of these transformative techniques, understanding their underlying principles, and adapting them to various coaching situations.


  • Delve into the theory of each technique to enhance your understanding of how they work. You’ll be able to take the core foundations of these techniques and make them your own.
  • Learn the art of expertly selecting the most powerful techniques and tools for the unique client in front of you to create a transformational coaching session that gets epic results—and rave reviews that spread like wildfire!
  • Continuously refine your skills through practice, feedback, and ongoing learning.

As you develop expertise, your coaching transcends to a level of mastery. You'll be the go-to coach for anyone seeking profound, transformative change. Your reputation will skyrocket, and you will be known for your exceptional skill and your ability to create lasting change that truly matters. Yes, please!

By the end of Part 2, you will have gained certifications in NLP, EFT, TIME Techniques, and Hypnotherapy, marking you as a coach with rare and sought-after skills.

You won't just be a coach with advanced techniques; you'll be a coach who's mastered them. You'll have the tools, hands-on experience, and deep expertise to meet and exceed your clients' expectations.

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In Part 3, you will turn your coaching prowess into a thriving business that leaves a legacy and creates ripples of impact. Because let's be honest—you're not just starting a "little" side hustle. This is your career path, and it's time to take yourself and your coaching journey seriously so that others take you seriously too.


Building Your Coaching Empire


By establishing a strong biz foundation, you create a brand that reflects your uniqueness and design a business that turns your wildest fantasies into reality. Not to mention, position yourself as the total “duh” obvious choice for your dream clients.

Get support with customizable strategies and blueprints for successfully launching and growing your profitable coaching business.


It's time to lay the foundation for your coaching business and take it to new heights. This involves crafting a business plan that is not just a static document, but a dynamic roadmap that evolves with your dreams.


  • Develop an aligned business plan that helps you achieve your big goals, your way.
  • Identify and define your ideal client, ensuring your messaging speaks to their soul and makes them feel like, “OMG! Are they in my head?!”
  • Design a captivating website and receive templates that strip away the tech overwhelm (because let's face it, you're here to ignite change, not fiddle with HTML codes)
  • Craft an authentic brand identity that dazzles with your Unique Sparkle.


Monetizing Your Passion


Your coaching practice becomes a sustainable business with streamlined processes, enabling you to focus on what you do best: transforming lives.

Turn your passion for coaching into a profitable business.


You'll dive into generating money in your coaching practice so you’re not just making an impact, you’re making an income. Pssst—many of our students start signing clients and see an ROI while still in the program!


  • Uncover the “Sweet Spot” of pricing your services in a way that reflects the value of your coaching and your expertise.
  • Say goodbye to those pesky money mindset roadblocks and embrace the truth that your clients are excited to invest in you and change their lives.
  • Master soul-aligned sales strategies that feel authentic and empowering (aka a far cry from the typical sleazy sales push).
  • Learn the ropes of client onboarding and offboarding for a smooth, welcoming, and supportive client experience.
  • Demystify the tech side of the biz and discover the best, easiest systems tailored to your unique business. From simple payment links to scheduling systems and Zoom wizardry, we've got you covered.
  • Understand how to cover your ass legally and receive 3 pre-recorded trainings that cover the legalities of business…this also includes a 1:1 client contract template from Amanda’s lawyer!

Ripple Effect.

Amplifying Your Impact


Expand your influence and create a lasting impact in the coaching industry and beyond.


This is about creating your legacy. Learn to leverage social media, content creation, and networking to expand your reach and establish yourself as a thought leader in the coaching community.


  • Whip up irresistible freebies that your ideal clients are sliding into your DMs to grab.
  • Learn strategies for growing your email list and nurturing your community.
  • Find your pleasurable and profitable marketing vehicle—whether that’s podcasting, Instagram, Reels, LinkedIn, Pinterest, or YouTube, we’ve got you covered so you can slay them all!
  • Develop oh-so-you content that establishes you as a thought leader.

Your coaching business becomes a source of inspiration and change. You create ripples in the coaching community, inspiring others with your message and methodology.

By the time you complete Part 3, you won't just be a coach; you'll be a visionary entrepreneur and leader.

Armed with strategies, blueprints, and knowledge to build a thriving coaching business, it's not just about income anymore. It's about using your platform to create a ripple effect of impact. You're not just building a business; you're creating a lasting legacy.

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Amanda Gyetvey

“I feel like a new person. I feel so much lighter with the layers that we have really gone into this week and just released. To be able to take this into my business and help out so many amazing women as well as be able to make a positive impact, I’m truly so grateful for Amanda.”

Alexandra Mahairas

“What I found here was so many incredible tips and tools for my treasure box to help with my clients....It was so incredible to have this new and fresh way to be able to help my clients.”

Anastasiya Gusak

“The program is just incredible - you get to work on yourself and develop skills not only for coaching but also for NLP, TIME Techniques, EFT Tapping, and so much more! I highly recommend it.”

Amanda Pecora

“This has been the best investment that I have made in myself and now I can utilize these tools and techniques that I learned to impact others.”

Become An Internationally Recognized Credentialed Coach

We are recognized and accredited through 3 boards: ICF, IBCP, INEA.

The 6

Credentialed Coach School equips you with the most sought-after coaching modalities, making you an internationally recognized powerhousE.

With the time-bending magic of T.I.M.E. You'LL:

  • Help your clients reconnect with their inner child, heal old wounds, and see themselves through a lens of deep love and compassion.
  • Facilitate the breaking of generational chains. Imagine stopping the cycle of negative patterns that get passed down. You'll empower your clients to break free and create a positive legacy of love and empowerment for future generations!
  • Guide your clients to reframe their past, envision a compelling future, and take action to make it happen.

4. T.I.M.E. Techniques™

Imagine giving your clients a time machine for their minds, where they can heal from past hurts, release negative emotions, and rewrite their limiting beliefs. That’s basically what T.I.M.E. Techniques™ is.

This potent tool gives us the power to create a clean slate where we genuinely love and appreciate ourselves—regardless of our past. Imagine how empowering this would be not only for your clients' own relationship with self, but for their children to see their parents model healthy self-love. 

Mastering Hypnosis means:

  • Helping clients rewrite those self-sabotaging scripts holding them back.
  • Saying peace out to the struggle! Hypnosis allows you to guide them into a state where positive change feels natural and effortless.
  • Unlocking limitless potential. Imagine helping your clients break free from their limitations and step into their true greatness.

3. Hypnosis

Ever wished you could plant tiny seeds of success directly into your clients' minds? Say hello to Hypnosis!

It's not about swinging pocket watches and clucking like a chicken (although, that might be fun at a party). Hypnosis is a powerful tool to get VIP direct-line access to the subconscious mind—aka the control center for our habits, beliefs, and behaviors. 

Hypnosis will help you gently guide your clients into a relaxed state where they're super receptive to positive suggestions (aka the things they want in their lives). Imagine replacing those limiting beliefs holding them back with empowering truths that propel them forward!

Becoming a Life + Success Coach means:

  • Becoming a Vision Architect: Help your clients create a crystal-clear picture of their ideal life. They'll know exactly what "success" looks and feels like to them, and how to get there!
  • Goal Setting + Getting: Forget wishy-washy strategies. You’ll be able to support your clients with setting goals that light up their souls and map out a step-by-step plan to help them take aligned action.
  • Equipping your clients with the tools to overcome challenges and keep moving forward—even if a bump or two pops up along the way.

5. Life + Success Coaching

Do clients come to you feeling like their lives are stuck on autopilot? Do you wish you could help others ditch the "same old, same old" and design their dream lives? Lucky for you, you’ll soon be certified as a Life and success Coach!

Think of it as a personalized roadmap to your clients’ wildest fantasies. You'll guide your clients to uncover their deepest desires, set fire to their goals, and smash through any obstacles holding them back.

with EFT in your toolkit, you'll be able to:

  • Become an Emotional Alchemist: Transform fear, doubt, and frustration into fuel for positive change. Your clients will be ahhh-mazed at how quickly they can shift their state!
  • Say Buh-Bye to Limiting Beliefs: Help them ditch those disempowering limiting beliefs and undesired emotional burdens that have been holding them back. Picture them feeling lighter, freer, and ready to take aligned action. Oooh baby!
  • Unlock Their Inner Power: EFT empowers your clients to take charge of their emotions and create the life they truly desire. This is an incredible tool for them to be able to whip out whenever they need a lil’ boost—whether they need a confidence infusion at work or a hot sec to regulate their emotions while their toddler is having a meltdown, it’s a must-have!


Feeling like your clients are stuck in a rut of negativity? Wish you could help them release emotional blockages, reduce stress, create profound shifts in both mind and body, and soar towards their goals?  

Enter EFT Tapping—it’s potent energetic and somatic work…or nervous system regulation on steroids!

We all carry around emotional baggage, right? EFT Tapping helps you shift or even release those blocks by gently tapping on specific meridian points while focusing on what's derailing you. Did you know just a single sesh can reduce our stress hormone (cortisol) by over 40%?


  • Tactical Action Steps: Move beyond just feel-good affirmations and equip your clients with concrete steps to achieve their goals in all areas of life.
  • Holistic Goal Setting: Take a 360-degree view, helping clients set goals that inspire them beyond just their business ambitions.
  • Nurturing a Self-Love Foundation: Guide clients with deep-dive journaling prompts, Ho'oponopono, and other practices to cultivate self-love and acceptance.
  • Unlocking Limitless Potential: Watch your clients ditch self-doubt and embrace the power of believing in themselves.


Let's be real, positive thinking alone won't magically fix your life. That's where mindset coaching comes in. 

Think of it as a mental makeover—we'll ditch those outdated beliefs, rewire your outlook, and get you taking the kind of action that makes things happen. 

It's about looking at your whole life and making sure you're living on YOUR terms.


  • Belief Shifter: Effortlessly identify the root of beliefs and rewrite disempowering stories holding your clients back.
  • Words Master: Learn to use language that fuels motivation and propels clients towards their goals.
  • Desire Discoverer: Uncover what truly drives your clients. You'll become a pro at uncovering hidden desires and guiding them towards what they actually want—not what society or anyone else tells ‘em they should want.

1. Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Ever wondered why some coaches seem to have magic words that unlock people's potential? The secret juuuust might be NLP Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Think of it as the ultimate user manual for your mind and how you use language to alter your world (and the world of your clients!). If you’ve ever wanted to learn the REAL science behind manifestation, this is it!

We all have these internal patterns—how we think, speak, and act. NLP helps you understand those patterns and how to shift them on a subconscious level (aka the level of TRUE, lasting change).


“This has completely changed my life. It has completely changed my business. It’s not only transformed me as a person, but I am able to make a bigger impact in transforming my clients in their lives and really allowing them to elevate and reach their highest potential and just live life to the fullest.”

Angela Johnson

“I have learned so much and the women I have met are so incredible in their own unique ways. Watching the shifts through this week is very inspiring, including my own - I explored so many new ways of thinking that I didn’t even really know existed and I’m so excited to continue down this journey”

Ashley Trumbull

“I have learned so much, I have grown so much, I have so much more confidence, I now have a new family to lean on.”

Annie Brioux

“So many incredible breakthroughs and shifts have happened. I have learned so much information from Amanda, every single day has beyond blown me away.”

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Upon completing all three parts of the Credentialed Coach Path, you'll proudly wield six distinct certifications that give you the power to transform lives with a toolbox of coaching modalities that address every challenge your clients might face. 

You're not just any coach; you've ascended to the elite ranks of a


Ready to join the ranks of elite coaches and make your mark on the world?


This title isn't a mere badge; it's a mark of trust, depth, and distinction.
In an industry that can sometimes feel like the Wild West, being a Credentialed Coach catapults you into a league of leaders who are setting a higher standard.

Ready to join the ranks of elite coaches and make your mark on the world?

What's Included In

For all the coaching, biz, and beyond support you could need! You already know that we do things differently here at the Credentialed Coach school. And our weekly LIVE trainings are no different.


Weekly LIVE Coach Skills Training Calls with OUR Head Trainer

Each week, you'll join our Head Trainer for 90-minute live Coach Skills Training Calls.

Unlike other programs that rely on barely trained support coaches, a highly experienced trainer will train and support you. We believe you deserve mentorship from people who have lived, breathed, and mastered these skills.

Here’s our transformative approach for these calls:

1️⃣ Learn a Skill: Each session introduces a new, powerful coaching tool or technique.
2️⃣ Observe a Demo: Watch me apply these skills live—it’s like having a front-row seat to coaching mastery. 
3️⃣ Practice in Breakouts: Get on both sides of the coaching coin—First, as the client to experience breakthroughs from the techniques, then as the coach to practice your facilitation skill so you can feel confident and competent to lead client sessions easily and effortlessly.

And yes, every call is recorded. We send out the replays weekly, so you never miss out on the magic!

1:1 Social Media Strategy Call

Each student will receive a 1:1 social media strategy call to use whenever they want! No more throwing spaghetti at the wall—know exactly what to post to share your gifts and attract your dream clients.

ICF Mentor Coaching

Ready to step into the coaching arena and hone your skills with expert guidance? Our program includes three individual mentoring sessions with your Credentialed Coach ICF Mentor. 

Dive into 60-minute sessions where you'll coach your mentor, applying the powerful techniques and frameworks you've mastered.

Get immediate, actionable feedback on your coaching style, strengths, and areas for growth. Think of it as a coaching masterclass tailored just for you! Build the confidence to start coaching clients with ease—even before graduation day!

Weekly Business Coaching Q+A Calls with Amanda

Join Amanda (the 7-figure business queen!) every week for an anything-goes 60-minute Business Coaching Q+A Call. 

Let’s be clear—this isn't your basic Q&A! Think of it as your personal business mastermind session.
This is your all-access pass to personalized, high-level business strategy and support. From client attraction to program creation and mindset shifts—we cover it all. This kind of access to Amanda usually comes with a multi-five-figure price tag, but it’s all yours in this program.


Practice teaching from your zone of genius to the student community to iron out any fears of presenting in front of a crowd. We are here to cheer you on and give feedback if you have a specific workshop you want to teach.

We give you the audience and the Zoom room—aka we give you the stage you just show up and share your magic!

1:1 Business Coaching / Accountability Calls

You’ll be assigned a 1:1 Business and Accountability Coach to help you stay on track with your certification studies. You’ll get 3 private sessions during your time inside.

Monthly Tech + Systems Calls

Monthly Live Social Media Training Calls with Social Media Expert


You’ll practice your new tools with another student each week. Since this is a certification program, you must log real-world coaching hours to graduate. 

If you’re reading this, you already know you’re meant to be a world-class coach, and these coaching hours will give you the hands-on experience to prove it. You get coached and you are coaching—hello embodiment and belief in what you're practicing!

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Feeling overwhelmed by the ever-changing social media landscape? We got you! As a Credentialed Coach, you'll have exclusive access to monthly 90-minute Social Media Training Calls led by our resident Social Media Expert.

Here’s what you can expect:

Master the latest social media trends and strategies to explode your reach and engagement.
Get insider tips on creating magnetic content that stops the scroll and has your audience begging for more.
Demystify social media advertising and unlock the power of paid ads to attract your ideal clients.
Ask all your burning social media questions (no question is too big or too small!)

Basically, it's like having a social media expert on speed dial, ready to spill all the secrets.
Once a month, you'll have exclusive access to our Resident Tech Wizard for a 90-minute Tech + Systems Call. This is your chance to demystify and simplify all things tech.

(*Cough*, no more late nights spending hours trying to change that one thing on your website or wasting your time on repetitive tasks that tech can do on repeat in .2 seconds.) 

Get ready for this juice…
  • Craft high-converting sales funnels that nurture leads and turn them into raving fans (and paying clients!).
  • Automate tedious tasks and free up your time to focus on what you do best—coaching!
  • Master website hacks to make your online presence shine.
  • Get insider secrets on the tech tools and systems that successful coaches swear by.
  • Access our step-by-step systems to streamline your business and impress your clients

These calls are your roadmap to ditching the tech drama and building a streamlined, automated coaching business!

When you join us inside Credentialed Coach School, you’re enrolling in comprehensive training that includes X hours of videos and over 300 pages of meticulously crafted training materials brimming with theory, cutting-edge techniques, and real-life coaching scripts.


Coaching Theory Deep Dives

We'll break down the science and art of coaching, giving you a solid foundation so you can understand the magic behind your client's transformations. 

Real-Life Coaching Scripts

Never wonder WTF to say in a coaching session or how to powerfully guide your clients to reach their goals. With dozens and dozens of scripts, you’ll have exactly what you need to confidently facilitate out-of-this-world results.

Cutting-Edge Techniques at Your Fingertips

Master the latest coaching methods and strategies to ensure you offer your clients the most effective tools for getting immediate and lasting results.

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Say hellooo to your Personal Coaching Fairy Godmother (or father)! Click the details below to see the magic you'll get up to with your Assigned Private Mentor.


(3) 60-minute 1:1 Coaching Calls

With your mentor to help you refine your skills, answer your burning questions, and fast-track your growth.

(7) Intimate group Coaching Calls

To learn alongside other rising star coaches, receive valuable peer feedback, share wins, and expand your mastery so you become the creme de la creme!

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Our Slack Community will become your go-to favorite virtual coaching co-working space, filled with cheerleaders, experts, and of course, Amanda! 

Daily Slack Community Support

YOUR Daily Dose of Coaching Inspiration

Start your day strong with a daily prompt from our Community Coach. It'll spark your creativity, hold you accountable, and get you fired up to coach like the best!

Celebrate Your Wins (Big + Small!)

Every accomplishment deserves recognition! Share your victories, big or small, with the community and soak up the positive vibes.


Stuck on Something? Need a fresh perspective or some quick advice? Our entire team and all the brilliant coaches in the community have gotcha and are available for spot coaching!

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Back-Pocket Social Media and Tech + Systems Support

Not only do you have access to value-packed monthly calls with our in-house experts, but you’ll be able to ask any burning social media, tech, or systems questions you have as they come up, so you’ll never feel stuck in your business and unable to take action.

VIP Coaching With Amanda

Amanda is incredibly active inside of the community and will be there to personally strategize with you, offer guidance on mindset and coaching techniques, and provide invaluable support for building a thriving business.

Ready to ditch the student hat and wear your Credentialed Coaching crown? This 6-day transformational experience is the grand finale! Through a combination of advanced coaching techniques, business coaching insights, and a supportive community atmosphere this event is designed to propel you from coach-in-training to coaching master!

6-Day Live Event

Transform As The Client + The Coach

Experience all the powerful tools and techniques you've learned throughout the program from a whole new perspective. You'll get to embody the coaching process as both the client and the coach, deepening your understanding and solidifying your skills.


This event is your launchpad to unleash your inner leader. Step into the role you've been craving and discover your true potential as a coach who empowers others.


You're already ahead of the curve, but we're taking you to the next level. Sharpen your skills with in-depth training on advanced coaching methodologies. Leave a confident coach, ready to guide clients to holy-shit-is-this-magic?! transformations.

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build your coaching business blueprint

Learn the secrets of building a thriving coaching business. Gain valuable insights on marketing, branding, content creation, and more, equipping you to attract your ideal clients and build a thriving coachinig practice.

BELONG TO A BADASS community for life

Network and connect with the most swoon-worthy community of fellow Credentialed Coaches. Share experiences, celebrate wins, and forge lasting connections that will empower your coaching journey for the long haul. Think collaborations, joint ventures, and lifelong support!


Capture your coaching journey with professional photos—the perfect addition to your marketing materials to showcase your expertise!

The Credentialed Coach School isn't just about getting you certified; it's about equipping you for a lifetime of coaching success. That's why you get UNLIMITED LIFETIME ACCESS to our ever-expanding library, live calls, and expert guidance—all at no extra charge!

Lifetime Access To Content + Calls

Continually Deepen Your Craft With Our Extensive (+ Ever-Expanding) Library

Access a constantly updated library of training materials, videos, and coaching scripts—everything you need to uphold coaching excellence and keep your clients raving about your skills!


Join any live call with our trainers and experts, even after graduation! Can't make it live? No worries! Access recordings of past calls anytime, and revisit them whenever you need a refresher. Plus, with new live calls added regularly, you'll always have fresh insights and opportunities to learn from the best.

Stay At The Leading Edge of The Coaching Industry

The coaching world is constantly evolving, and we are too! Our continuously updated content ensures you're always armed with the latest strategies and techniques to keep your coaching practice thriving. You'll always have access to our newest resources, no extra charge!

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Think of it like a coaching gym membership, but that you don’t have to keep paying for (and with less spandex)! You wouldn't just hit the gym for a few months and expect to stay ripped, right? The same goes for coaching! This program is your all-access pass to lifelong learning and continuous improvement. Because the best coaches (*cough, you, cough*) never stop learning.

The Credentialed Coach Certification isn't just about the core curriculum. We're giving you the tools to thrive as a prosperous business with these incredible bonuses...


Client Acquisition + Management

This isn't just about getting clients—it's about building a thriving coaching business filled with happy, raving fans! 

  • Master Discovery Calls + Land More Ideal Clients: Learn proven strategies to facilitate high-converting discovery calls. Ask the right questions to uncover your prospects' deepest needs and showcase your unique value as a coach. Close more deals with confidence and build a thriving coaching practice filled with ideal clients who are *actually* ready to transform.
  • 5-Star Client Onboarding: No more scrambling to figure out how to get new clients started. We'll equip you with a proven onboarding framework that ensures a smooth and supportive experience for your new clients from day one.
  • Legal Protection For Peace of Mind: Operate with confidence knowing you have a tailored client contract in place. This contract protects you from legal risks and fosters trust with your clients, allowing you to focus on what matters most—delivering exceptional coaching.

Tech + Systems Made Easy

  • Tech + Systems Support: Stop getting bogged down by website design, scheduling nightmares, or content creation struggles. We've got you covered with expert guidance on all things tech. We’re talking everything from website design, payment integration, scheduling, content creation, automation, and program packaging. 
  • Effortless Scaling: Implement efficient systems that help you deliver high-quality coaching and scale your business effortlessly.

Content Marketing For Expert Authority
Stay At The Leading Edge of The Coaching Industry

  • Podcast Launching: Become a podcasting pro! Amplify your voice and reach a wider audience by learning how to launch and run a successful podcast. Establish yourself as an authority in your niche.
  • Video Editing Mastery: Captivate your audience with professional, yet engaging videos that connect with the heart and soul of your ideal peeps. Craft clear and impactful messages that elevate your brand presence, set you apart, and build trust with potential clients.
  • Instagram Influence: Learn strategic content creation and community-building techniques to drive sales and engagement on Instagram. Nurture connections with potential clients and create a loyal following.
  • Reels Powerhouse: Stop the scroll and start conversations! Learn how to create dynamic Reels that grab attention and boost engagement on Instagram. Increase your brand visibility, stand out from the crowd, and attract your ideal clients.

Instagram Sales—Don’t Just Share Content, Get Cash!

  • Selling on Instagram: Tired of chasing leads? We’ll help you seamlessly integrate sales into your Instagram content so they become a natural part of the process. Use the platform's built-in e-commerce features to build a loyal customer base, drive conversions, and boost revenue. 
  • Selling in IG Stories: Captivate your audience with interactive Stories that are more than just glimpses into your day. Learn how to use Stories' features to create engaging shopping experiences that have viewers reaching for their wallets (in the best way possible, of course!).

Expand Your Reach + Attract High-Value Clients

  • YouTube for Coaches: Build a global audience by establishing a YouTube presence! Educate, inspire, and connect with viewers to enhance brand recognition and authority.
  • Level Up With LinkedIn: Network with industry professionals, position yourself as a thought leader, and expand your coaching business's reach within the professional community. Get ready to attract high-value clients who are ready to invest in serious results.
  • Pinterest Power: Pretty Pins, Powerful Results. This visually-driven platform is a goldmine for coaches. Learn how to use strategic pins to showcase your expertise and attract ideal clients in two ways: those actively searching for coaches like you, and those just scrolling for inspiration who stumble upon your magic.

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Emily Gornick

“Oh my gosh is my mind completely blown! I came into this week knowing I was going to have a breakthrough but really not understanding what it was that was holding me back in my business and all areas of life and I am walking out a completely transformed coach.” 

Biancalyz Negron

“What I got from this week was clarity - a lot, lot of clarity. I was in such a scarcity mindset and I feel like I can take on the world now. Amanda is completely amazing, she pushed me to be at this point and if it wasn’t for her, I would have still been stuck .”

Emma Lumani Strazimiri

“One of the most transformative weeks of my entire life. I am so insanely excited to go home and to facilitate on my clients and to really bring them through these experiences and these techniques.”

Emily Keltz

“The most incredible thing that’s happened for me was the self-work that I did even though I thought I couldn’t go deeper. Somehow Amanda has incredible insight, power to really reach you and help find your purpose.”

Jamie Dreifus

“I wanted to shift my life in a really big way and I knew as soon as I met her [Amanda] that she was the mentor that I was looking for.”

Gabriella Borges

“Before coming to the certification, I was a little bit stuck in my business and really in need of a major breakthrough and literally within day two I experienced that shift, I experienced that breakthrough.”


“I feel like meeting Amanda was a spiritual meeting. I met Amanda exactly when I needed to…she has helped me dream so big and unapologetically but also has helped me break down my goals into actionable items.”


“I love working with Amanda because the tools and techniques we are learning this week are so powerful and all the love, and care, and energy that she puts into the certification is absolutely life-changing. We’re not just learning skills to be able to help our clients better, we’re getting our own transformations as well.”

…Well…what if we GUARANTEED you’ll get results?

You may be thinking, “HOLY SHIT, this all sounds amazing…BUT…what if I don’t see results?!”

Spoiler alert: WE DO.

That's why we offer an ironclad ROI Guarantee. We're so confident in the Credentialed Coach School program that if you don't see results by the end, we'll keep working with you until you do.

I mean…what is there to lose? Answer: Nothing.

What is there to gain? Oh…only making your dream life your reality by answering your call to become a coach who changes lives on the reg…Aka, EVERYTHING.

We get it. Investing in a coaching program is a big decision. You want to see a return on your investment (ROI)— and rightfully so!

Meet Amanda

I battled life-threatening illness and addiction for years. But along the way, I learned an essential truth: we're all born with the power to overcome anything and write our own incredible stories.

For years, I chased success in the corporate world and launched businesses that left me feeling hollow. In 2019, I had a major wake-up call. For the first time in my life, I questioned the status quo and asked myself, “Amanda, WTF do you want?!”

Shortly after, I discovered the power of personal development and coaching. This sparked my obsession with unlocking people's potential. I studied neuroscience, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), hypnotherapy, EFT tapping—tools that go beyond talk therapy to reprogram the subconscious mind for real, lasting change.

Hi I’m Amanda, mama of 2 boys, Julian and Cam, married to the peanut butter to my jelly, Brett; have a million dollar business, and was just featured in Forbes—my vision board literally comes to life EVERY day and I am so grateful for that.

If you're ready to stop letting your past dictate your future and commit to doing the inner work, I'll be your guide. Together, we'll rewrite your story and create lasting transformation! LFG!

But I wasn't born into a picture-perfect life.

I'm now a master certified trainer of NLP, Hypnotherapy, EFT, T.I.M.E. Techniques and Life + Success Coaching. 

Here's what sets my approach apart:

The tools that helped me rebuild my life are the same tools I use to help my clients break free from limiting beliefs, step into their power, and achieve the success they crave. I understand what it's like to feel stuck and long for more. I also know the incredible power we have to reprogram our subconscious minds and create the life we truly desire.

  • No B.S.: I'm not going to sugarcoat things. Overcoming challenges takes work, but it's absolutely possible.
  • Focus on the Future: We'll explore the "why" behind your struggles, but our main focus is on moving forward and creating lasting change.
  • Actionable Techniques + Tools: I'll equip you with powerful strategies like NLP, hypnotherapy, EFT, TIME Techniques, and advanced coaching skills to help you and your clients transform—for good.

Book your free clarity call now with one of our enrollment specialists.


Jessica Tellian

“I really got equipped this week with the tools and techniques for me to use on myself and my clients to freakin’ transform my life and their life.”

Jessica Neto

“NLP felt complicated, coaching felt discouraging but coming here and being present in her [Amanda] vibrant personality and her clear expectations made me just realize how coaching is absolutely amazing and it has transformed my life this week.”

Krystal Nielson

“I’m so grateful that I took the time out of being a mom and running a business to come here and invest this time in myself because what I’ve experienced, and the breakthroughs I’ve had, have completely transformed me and I know it’s going to impact my whole family.”

Katharine Sawyer

“This week has been so transformative for both myself but also my business. I’m really excited to have walked through all of the techniques and learned everything that we did and I am just so fired up to now go use it both with my clients but empower my clients as well in business.”



New + Aspiring Coaches:
Are you everyone and their mom’s go-to person for advice? We’ll help you turn your superpower into a profitable coaching career you la-la-love. And don’t worry—we'll show you exactly where to start (without the overwhelm) so you can ditch the day job and help people transform (while getting paid WELL for it).

For Existing Business-Owners:
Already a boss babe with killer expertise outside of the coaching world? Imagine amplifying your impact and skyrocketing your income by adding transformational coaching to what you already do so well (whether that’s real estate, branding, beauty, finance, and beyond). We'll show you how to seamlessly weave coaching into your existing business and watch your client results (and bank account) soar! 

For Seasoned Coaches:
Are you already known in the coaching industry, but you’re ready to level up your mastery (like, a shiz ton)? Credentialed Coach School will fill your toolbox with cutting-edge techniques that take your skills (and income) to the next level. Become the go-to coach for epic transformations clients are knockin down your door for.

How Long Will I Have Access To The Program?

You’ll have 18 months to graduate and get certified. Plus, have access to the content (videos, audios, workbooks, scripts, and more) for LIFE! And our live support doesn’t just end with certification. You get lifetime access to our calls—a perk unheard of in this industry. 

Why? Because your growth as a coach is a lifelong journey, not just a six-month sprint. Regularly refining and deepening your skills helps our students become the best in the industry. 

Even our 2020 class alumni (some of whom are earning 6-figs), continue to participate in these calls because we offer personalized support that adapts to the evolving and expanding needs of you and your biz.

How Important Is Getting Certified As A Coach?

If you're an online coach without real accredited training, that's a MAJOR red flag.
Beyond being out of integrity, it is also DANGEROUS. 

Because God forbid, you’re facilitating a technique that unlocks a traumatic event or memory. If you're not trauma-informed or trained, and you have no idea what to do next, what do you think will happen? 

BEST CASE: you end up looking like an amateur and feel out of integrity. Your coaching confidence plummets and your ability to coach effectively and make an impact goes bye-bye.

WORST CASE: you cause serious harm and retraumatize your client. 
Neither of these should be options.

Getting legit training equips you with the tools and know-how to help your clients achieve real, mind-blowing breakthroughs. THIS is what sets you apart as a coach.

If you're serious about becoming the real deal and mastering the skills that make a lasting impact (and income)...

That’s what Credentialed Coach School is all about.

It’s rigorous, it’s legit (it’s internationally accredited by multiple boards), and it’s going to help you become a highly in-demand + sought-after coach.

I’ve been burned by investing in programs before. How do I know this isn't just another course where I invest and get nothing in return?

Girl, I feel you. The online coaching world can be the Wild Wild West, and it's unfortunately far too common for people to not live up to their hype and promises. 

But here’s the deal: We hold ourselves to the highest standard of excellence and delivery. So much so that we have an ROI Guarantee AND an insaaaane bonus for LIFETIME access to all of our live calls. 

So basically, it’s impossible not to get what you came for—and SO much more.

How Much Money Can I Actually Make As A Coach?

I get it. If you’re going to be investing all this time, money, and energy into starting your coaching career, you want to know, “How much money can I actually make doing this thing?!”

SPOILER ALERT: You wont need to spend $200k on a University + Master's degree, but you’ll get education and training you’ll actually use and in most cases, have the potential to earn more.

Certified vs. Non-Certified: The Real Earning Showdown
Plain and simple, Certified Coaches = Trust + Higher Rates.

As a certified coach, you're not just another name in the coaching Rolodex. You're THE name. Clients are not only more likely to choose you over a non-certified coach, but they're also willing to pay premium rates for the peace of mind and results you bring to the table.

The Credentialed Coach Certification: Next-Level Earnings
Now, here’s where it gets spicy. Credentialed Coach students aren't just making the average certified coach’s $100-$250 per session. Oh no, we're talking $100 to a whopping $4000 per session! But it's actually an amateur move to talk about one-off session rates, because that’s not how we recommend setting up your business as a Credentialed Coach.

You can do that if you want, but that’s small fry stuff. And you’re a big fry gal, right? I’m all about helping you structure comprehensive, irresistible packages for 1:1 coaching or high-ticket group programs—in fact, we have entire modules dedicated to teaching you how to do this step-by-step. That’s how Credentialed Coaches are pulling in way more than the average certified coach. And making a lasting impact to boot.

Options, Options, Baby!
You're not a one-trick pony. With the skills from this certification, you can diversify your biz like a boss—group coaching, workshops, online courses, speaking gigs, products, you name it. Multiple income streams? Yes, please!

Long-Term Game = Long-Term Gain
I want to be really clear about something though. Even though we give you everything you need to create a $10k per month business in just 90 days, the goal isn’t to make quick cash in a way that burns you out. Fuck no. This is about building a coaching empire with a sustainable, profitable business model.

So, What’s the Bottom Line?
Choosing to become a certified coach, especially a Credentialed Coach, is like choosing to invest in a high-yield stock. It’s about playing the long game, where your future self thanks you for making such a smart decision today. #yourewelcome

If you're ready uplevel your skills, increase your rates, transform your life and lives of others, and shake up the coaching world, I’m here to make it happen with you.

Got q’s or want to chat about how the Credentialed Coach certification can specifically skyrocket your earnings? DM me and I’ll show how you and your unique business can get the results you’re looking for!

I’m a super busy mom of 3 kids / I have a full-time job / I won’t be able to make the weekly calls. Will this work for me? 

Ohhhh boy (or should I say boys—I have two boys under 3!)—I totally get the hustle and bustle of mama life. That’s why I designed this certification to fit into your schedule, not overrun it. 

There’s no denying this is a serious time commitment, but you can pace it out to suit your schedule. Plus, we record EVERYTHING and all recordings are available immediately and emailed straight to ya!

Whether you know you want to hit the ground running and get certified in 6 months or take your time with it, giving yourself 18 months of intentional time, this program molds to your rhythm. 

No rush, no pressure!

What is your policy on withdrawals and refunds?

There are no refunds or withdrawals. You will have 18 months to complete the program to receive your certificates. Extensions can be accommodated for an additional fee. 

Are there any specific prerequisites in order apply to the program?

There are no prerequisites for applying for the program other than making the commitment to show up and the desire to make an impact, learn the material and change the world, one client at a time =) 

How is the program delivered?

The program is delivered multiple times per week via Zoom calls, as well as through a student learning center in the ThriveCart app where you will have lifetime access to all program updates. Students also receive a free ticket to the in-person 6 Day retreat upon enrollment.

What language is the program delivered in?

The language the program is delivered in is English. In order to get the most out of the program, we recommend proficiency in the English language.

What is CCS’s intention around diversity, equity, and inclusion?

CCS equips you with the tools to maximize your impact, inclusivity, and income and become a proactive ally by raising your awareness of your biases and building your knowledge to make your coaching practice more welcoming to all.

When does the Credentialed Coach School start?